Where exactly scrambling ends and mountaineering begins is a bit of grey area. For the purposes of this website, any trips involving the use of ropes (with the exception of lake crossings), glacier travel, or the use of an ice axe and/or crampons on terrain where the ability to quickly self-arrest is essential will be included in this category. While many of the destinations listed here may be traditionally considered as scrambles, conditions and timing can easily make them into more challenging propositions.

Reports featuring this Acitivity

Aberdeen & Haddo

– Max. Elev. 3,162 m / 10,374ft. –
Lake Louise / Banff National Park

Little Yoho Valley Day 2

– Max. Elev. 3,015 m / 9,892ft. –
Little Yoho Valley / Yoho National Park

Mount Athabasca

– Max. Elev. 3,497 m / 11,473ft. –
Columbia Icefields / Jasper National Park

Mount Hector

– Max. Elev. 3,394 m / 11,135ft. –
Icefields Parkway (South) / Banff National Park

Mount Mary Vaux

– Max. Elev. 3,207 m / 10,522ft. –
Maligne Lake / Jasper National Park

Nigel Peak

– Max. Elev. 3,219 m / 10,561ft. –
Columbia Icefields / Icefields Parkway (North) / Jasper National Park

Rearguard & Resplendent

– Max. Elev. 3,425 m / 11,237ft. –
Robson Provincial Park / British Columbia

White Pyramid

– Max. Elev. 3,227 m / 10,587ft. –
Icefields Parkway (South) / Banff National Park