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At its most challenging, the ascent of a mountain without the assistance, or protection, of ropes can quickly cross the threshold from scrambling into the realm of free soloing. Trips marked with this activity are by far the most technically difficult and dangerous on the site, and should only be considered by experienced climbers. The consequences of a mistake on a crux section of such a mountain is almost certain to be fatal. Furthermore, while it may be possible to do these ascents without climbing equipment under ideal conditions, such gear should always be brought on such trips to provide options when confronted with a challenge. I do not personally encourage others to free solo; doing so is a highly personal decision that should never be made in ignorance of the consequences.

Reports featuring this activity

Mount Edith Cavell

– Max. Elev. 3,363 m / 11,033ft. –
Tonquin Region / Jasper National Park

Mount Northover

– Max. Elev. 2,943 m / 9,656ft. –
Peter Lougheed / Alberta

Mount Rundle

– Max. Elev. 3,018 m / 9,902ft. –
Bow Valley Wildland / Canmore

Mount Smuts

– Max. Elev. 2,929 m / 9,610ft. –
Smith-Dorrien / Spray Lakes / Alberta