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Be Prepared. Be Safe.

Although I encourage others to visit the destinations profiled by this website, it’s important to recognize that even the least demanding of these journeys has the potential to become dangerous given the right conditions. Scrambles, in particular, can often expose participants to falls with potentially fatal consequences. As such, they’re not outings to take lightly, and beginners should attempt to join more experienced individuals whenever possible.

Make sure that you’re physically prepared, have the necessary equipment and skills, have performed sufficient research ahead of time, and have given careful consideration to potential weather conditions and timing before attempting any of these, or similar, ventures into the mountains or forests of the world. The “Introduction” and “Resources” sections provide details for books, courses, and other web sites that can help prepare you for the challenges of wilderness travel.

You should also note that I, and many of the experienced friends I travel with, carry a Garmin (formerly Delorme) inReach on my trips. The inReach is a 2-way satellite communications device that can put me in touch with friends, family or emergency services should something go sideways. Investing in such a device is something to consider for anyone making regular trips into the backcountry.