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Jasper National Park

I've spent so much time in, and passing through, Jasper National Park that it's beginning to feel like a second home to me. With the vast majority of Alberta's scrambling community being based out of Calgary, little attention is given to this fantastic place beyond its "Kane" peaks, but there's so much that's worth exploring! Indeed, many of the places I'm most excited about attempting in the next year are destinations within Jasper.

Visit the official website for advisories, trail conditions, maps, access information and other details about the park.

Reports from this Region

Edith-Cavell and Mt. Sorrow from Cavell Lake
Mount Sorrow

– Max. Elev. 3,010 m / 9,875ft. –
Scrambling / Hiking

Wilcox Pass from near the summit of Mt. Wilcox
Mount Wilcox

– Max. Elev. 2,884 m / 9,462ft. –
Scrambling / Hiking

Climbing the impressive summit ridge of Nigel Peak in Jasper National Park
Nigel Peak

– Max. Elev. 3,219 m / 10,561ft. –
Scrambling / Mountaineering

The Summit Cairn on Opal Peak
Opal Peak & Beyond

– Max. Elev. 2,814 m / 9,232ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

Clearing skies as I near the summit on Peveril Peak
Peveril Peak

– Max. Elev. 2,691 m / 8,829ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

Pyramid Mountain from Mt. Greenock in Jasper National Park
Pyramid Mountain

– Max. Elev. 2,762 m / 9,062ft. –
Scrambling / Biking

The Jasper town area from Roche Bonhomme
Roche Bonhomme

– Max. Elev. 2,501 m / 8,205ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

Roche De Smet from the Celestine Lake Road
Roche De Smet

– Max. Elev. 2,543 m / 8,343ft. –
Scrambling / Hiking

Tangle Ridge from the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park
Tangle Ridge

– Max. Elev. 3,000 m / 9,843ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

Utopia Mountain

– Max. Elev. 2,564 m / 8,412ft. –

The impressive north face of Verdant Peak from Verdant Pass.
Verdant Peak

– Max. Elev. 3,040 m / 9,974ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

The sun sets behind Terminal Mountain at the head of Whistler's Creek
Whistler's Creek

– Max. Elev. 2,126 m / 6,975ft. –
Ski Touring

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