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Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is home to the Cascades, an extensive mountain range extending from northern California through Oregon, and Washington through southern British Columbia. Known for its glaciated volcanoes such as Shasta and Rainier, the range is best remembered for the explosive eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1980 which killed 57 people and trimmed the volcano's summit by over 400m! As British Columbia has its own dedicated section, you should look there for any trips for that province. This section will focus on the American side of the border.

Reports from this Region

The crater rim of Mt. Hood appears to glow in the dawn light.
Mount Hood

– Max. Elev. 3,429 m / 11,250ft. –
Mountaineering / Hiking

Approaching Mt. Rainier from near the Paradise trailhead.
Mount Rainier

– Max. Elev. 4,392 m / 14,409ft. –
Mountaineering / Hiking

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