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Mountain Regions

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The Rocky Mountains span a tremendous 4,800km from Northern British Columbia to the southern state of New Mexico. For the section that lies within Canada, explorers would surely be surprised by the sheer variety of unique landscapes and vistas that lie within this proud mountain range. The subsections below will allow you to find reports from a specific area within the Rockies and from other mountain regions around the world

Mountain Regions

Wilcox Pass from Mt. Wilcox
Icefields Parkway (North)

(Jasper National Park)
– 8 Trips –

Helen Lake near Cirque Peak
Icefields Parkway (South)

(Banff National Park)
– 7 Trips –

Jasper Lake Region

(Jasper National Park)
– 5 Trips –

The Summit View from Opal Peak
Jasper National Park

(Subregion of Alberta)
– 23 Trips –

The Opal Range from King Creek Ridge
Kananaskis Country

(Subregion of Alberta)
– 6 Trips –

The Valley of Ten Peaks
Lake Louise

(Banff National Park)
– 3 Trips –

The View from the Iceline Trail
Little Yoho Valley

(Yoho National Park)
– 4 Trips –

Maligne Lake and the Opal Hills
Maligne Lake

(Jasper National Park)
– 4 Trips –

Miette Region

(Jasper National Park)
– 1 Trip –

A look at the giant Mt. Rainier from the approach trail
Pacific Northwest

(The United States)
– 1 Trip –

Kananaskis Lakes from King Creek Ridge
Peter Lougheed

(Kananaskis Country)
– 2 Trips –

Looking across a frozen Berg Lake at the spectacular Mt. Robson
Robson Provincial Park

(British Columbia)
– 1 Trip –