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Smith-Dorrien / Spray Lakes

The Smith-Dorrien Trail links the Town of Canmore with Peter Lougheed Provincial Park to the south and provides vital access to the western reaches of Kananaskis Country. First coiling behind the Canmore skyline of the Three Sisters, Ha-Ling and other well-known scrambles, this trail then skirts around the scenic Spray Lakes Reservoir and heads for the high country near the Continental Divide. Despite numerous summits over the 3,000m mark, Mt. Sir Douglas stands as the sole 11,000er in this sub-region.

Being completely unpaved, one can easily identify someone who's travelled along this route as their vehicle will be covered in a fine layer of limestone dust. Although it was repaired extensively after the floods of 2013, the road between Canmore and the base of Windtower can be a rough mess. From there, the road widens and becomes a much nicer drive all the way to Peter Lougheed Provincial Park.

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A beautiful sunset over the Spray Lakes from near the summit of Mt. Nestor.
Mount Nestor

– Max. Elev. 2,978 m / 9,770ft. –
Scrambling / Biking

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