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The United States

Although we're very proud of our mountain parks here in Canada, it must be admitted that there's plenty of beautiful places to explore and fantastic scrambling to be found south of the border in the United States. Here are some of the great places I've been to for mountain adventures in the USA.

Reports from this Region

Chief Mountain from near the trailhead.
Chief Mountain

– Max. Elev. 2,771 m / 9,091ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

The crater rim of Mt. Hood appears to glow in the dawn light.
Mount Hood

– Max. Elev. 3,429 m / 11,250ft. –
Mountaineering / Hiking

Approaching Mt. Rainier from near the Paradise trailhead.
Mount Rainier

– Max. Elev. 4,392 m / 14,409ft. –
Mountaineering / Hiking

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