Photo Gallery

A change in the weather is rarely a thankful thing, especially when you see the summit vanish within an impenetrable fog or a sheet of precipitation slowing drifting across a valley to soak you. However, they say that every storm has a silver lining, and these pictures serve as examples that this is sometimes very true.

Valley Archway“Valley Archway”
From: Big Bend Peak
From: White Pyramid
A Squall on the Glacier“A Squall on the Glacier”
From: Mount Hector
The First Day of Fall“The First Day of Fall”
Eye of the Storm“Eye of the Storm”
From: Mount Wilcox
Storm over Athabasca“Storm over Athabasca”
From: Mount Wilcox
Festubert Mountain“Festubert Mountain”
From: Akamina Ridge & Forum Peak
Rainbow over Spray Lakes“Rainbow over Spray Lakes”
From: Read's Ridge & Tower
A Break in the Clouds“A Break in the Clouds”
From: Grotto Mountain
Banff Downpour“Banff Downpour”
From: Grotto Mountain
A Passing Squall“A Passing Squall”
From: Mount Lawrence Grassi
Lenticular Clouds over Kidd and Allan“Lenticular Clouds over Kidd and Allan”
From: Mount Baldy