Photo Gallery

With the exception of the “tourist” animals one encounters within mountain towns or along the highways, every encounter with an animal in the wild is a special occasion. However, adequately capturing those moments usually requires a powerful zoom lens, excellent timing, and a fair amount of luck. Alas, those items have rarely come together for me, so this is admittedly one of the weaker galleries on the site.

The Elusive Ptarmigan“The Elusive Ptarmigan”
From: Mount Bourgeau
From: Mount Wilcox
From: Geraldine Peak
Tourist Deer“Tourist Deer”
From: Crypt Lake
Inquisitive Goat“Inquisitive Goat”
From: King Creek Ridge & Mt. Hood
Above the Canyon“Above the Canyon”
From: King Creek Ridge & Mt. Hood
Roadside Grazer“Roadside Grazer”
From: Read's Ridge & Tower
Summit Guardian“Summit Guardian”
From: Mount Fairview & Saddle Mountain
Parking Monitors“Parking Monitors”
From: Mount Lawrence Grassi
A Lone Wolf“A Lone Wolf”
From: Mount Greenock
Blinking Contest“Blinking Contest”
From: Mount Greenock
A Curious Pika“A Curious Pika”
From: Pyramid Mountain