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Waterton National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park can be found where the borders of Alberta, British Columbia and the United States meet, several hours to the southwest of Calgary. Characterized by picturesque lakes in its valleys and gently connecting ridges between its peaks, the area is a ridgewalker's delight as most scrambles can easily be turned into a multi-peak day through hiking. One of the smallest National Parks in the Rockies, almost any destination within Waterton can be reached within a half-hour's drive of the town site.

Visit the official website for advisories, trail conditions, maps, access information and other details about the park.

Reports from this Region

The dramatic view into Glacier National Park from Forum Peak
Akamina Ridge & Forum Peak

– Max. Elev. 2,565 m / 8,415ft. –
Hiking / Scrambling

Crypt Lake in Waterton Lakes National Park
Crypt Lake

– Max. Elev. 2,004 m / 6,575ft. –

Approaching the Falls
Lineham Falls

– Max. Elev. 1,985 m / 6,512ft. –

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