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“Scrambling” is a fairly recent term that has a lot of different meanings depending on who you ask. In its mildest forms, scrambling is alpine hiking with the intent of reaching a summit or other significant high point. At its most challenging, scrambling can essentially become free soloing; where one climbs a near-vertical surface without the assistance, or protection, of ropes or anchors. For the purpose of this website, scrambling occupies the grey area between hiking and mountaineering, and in most cases includes sections of hands-on rock climbing.

Reports featuring this activity

Roche De Smet

– Max. Elev. 2,543 m / 8,343ft. –
Jasper Lake Region / Jasper National Park

Tangle Ridge

– Max. Elev. 3,000 m / 9,843ft. –
Columbia Icefields / Icefields Parkway (North) / Jasper National Park

The Orphan & Middle Sister

– Max. Elev. 2,775 m / 9,104ft. –
Smith-Dorrien / Spray Lakes / Canmore

Utopia Mountain

– Max. Elev. 2,564 m / 8,412ft. –
Jasper National Park

Verdant Peak

– Max. Elev. 3,040 m / 9,974ft. –
Tonquin Region / Jasper National Park

Yoho Peak

– Max. Elev. 2,783 m / 9,131ft. –
Little Yoho Valley / Yoho National Park