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While most of the views I photograph require hours of self-powered travel, there are some incredible vistas in the Rockies that demand little from a traveler beyond the willingness to pull-off to the side of the highway. I usually try to time my driving during the summer months in order to catch the mountains at dusk, and the results are usually worth the effort.

Mt. Ishbel at Dawn“Mt. Ishbel at Dawn”
Upper Waterfowl Lake“Upper Waterfowl Lake”
Mt. Chephren“Mt. Chephren”
Over Abraham Lake“Over Abraham Lake”
From: Mount Michener
The Cline River“The Cline River”
From: Mount Michener
From Herbert Lake“From Herbert Lake”
The Sunwapta River Valley“The Sunwapta River Valley”
From: Tangle Ridge
Snowdome & Kitchener“Snowdome & Kitchener”
Roche a Perdrix“Roche a Perdrix”
Roche Miette“Roche Miette”
The First Day of Fall“The First Day of Fall”
Christie & Brussels Peak“Christie & Brussels Peak”
Athabasca and Hilda“Athabasca and Hilda”
From: Nigel SE3
Icefields Centre Panorama“Icefields Centre Panorama”
From: Mount Athabasca
Athabasca and Andromeda“Athabasca and Andromeda”
From: Mount Athabasca
Mt. Athabasca at Dawn“Mt. Athabasca at Dawn”
From: Mount Athabasca
Ha Ling Peak“Ha Ling Peak”
From: Mount Lawrence Grassi