Photo Gallery

While this site's dominated by views of broad, fantastic landscapes, it's often the smaller details one encounters while hiking through forests, along canyons, or climbing through rocky mountainsides that make the greatest impression. Here are some of my favourite shots of flora, fauna, pinnacles and other more abstract elements which add to the beauty of being out in the mountains.

A Hidden Lake“A Hidden Lake”
From: Mount Edith Cavell
From: Mount Edith Cavell
A Painter's Palette“A Painter's Palette”
From: Hawk Mountain
Yellow Columbines“Yellow Columbines”
From: Mount Bourgeau
From: Mount Bourgeau
Shadow Play“Shadow Play”
From: Mount Rundle
Western Wood Lily“Western Wood Lily”
From: Fiddle Range Traverse
Waking Flowers“Waking Flowers”
From: Mount Saskatoon
Trapped Bubbles“Trapped Bubbles”
From: Mount Michener
Cave with a View“Cave with a View”
From: Nigel SE3
Infinite Loop“Infinite Loop”
From: Mount Hood & King Creek Ridge
Mysterious Tree“Mysterious Tree”
From: Mount Hood & King Creek Ridge
Mystery Vegetation“Mystery Vegetation”
From: Opal Peak & Beyond
Hidden Valley Tarns“Hidden Valley Tarns”
From: Opal Peak & Beyond
Fanning Out“Fanning Out”
From: Lineham Falls
A Rainbow of Minerals“A Rainbow of Minerals”
From: Akamina Ridge & Forum Peak
Pinacles on Mt. Athabasca“Pinacles on Mt. Athabasca”
From: Mount Athabasca
Prairie Crocus“Prairie Crocus”
From: Mount Fairview & Saddle Mountain
A Slot Through the Cornice“A Slot Through the Cornice”
From: Mount Lawrence Grassi
From: Mount Baldy
Ice Formations“Ice Formations”
From: Devon Valley
Sculpted Rock Terraces“Sculpted Rock Terraces”
From: Maligne Canyon
Indian Paintbrush“Indian Paintbrush”
From: Nigel Pass
Cinquefoil / Buttercup“Cinquefoil / Buttercup”
From: Nigel Pass