Photo Gallery

There are many amazing views in the Canadian Rockies that are simply too vast to capture within a single photograph. Thanks to the continuing advacements in image post-processing software it's becoming increasingly possible, if not easy, to combine a series of panning photographs into a single, seamless panoramic image. While these composite shots don’t always work, the results can be spectacular when they do.

From: Mount Willingdon
Tonquin's Gates“Tonquin's Gates”
From: Mount Edith Cavell
The Valley Beyond“The Valley Beyond”
From: White Pyramid
The Hard Earned View“The Hard Earned View”
From: Mount Rundle
Summer at the Summit“Summer at the Summit”
From: Roche De Smet
Crowsnest Pass Sunrise“Crowsnest Pass Sunrise”
From: Mount Saskatoon
Abraham Lake“Abraham Lake”
From: Mount Michener
The Icefields Region“The Icefields Region”
From: Nigel Peak
From the Summit Ridge“From the Summit Ridge”
From: Nigel Peak
The Athabasca Massif“The Athabasca Massif”
From: Nigel SE3
Descending Cirque“Descending Cirque”
From: Cirque Peak & Helen Lake
South of Opal Peak“South of Opal Peak”
From: Opal Peak & Beyond
Mt. Fryatt“Mt. Fryatt”
From: Geraldine Peak
Whirlpool River Valley“Whirlpool River Valley”
From: Geraldine Peak
The Valley of Ten Peaks“The Valley of Ten Peaks”
From: Mount Temple
International Divide“International Divide”
From: Akamina Ridge & Forum Peak
Rowe and Buchanan“Rowe and Buchanan”
From: Akamina Ridge & Forum Peak
The Presidents Range“The Presidents Range”
From: Little Yoho Valley Day 1
The Des Poilus Glacier“The Des Poilus Glacier”
From: Little Yoho Valley Day 1
Saskatchewan Glacier and Beyond“Saskatchewan Glacier and Beyond”
From: Mount Athabasca
Kananaskis Lakes“Kananaskis Lakes”
From: King Creek Ridge & Mt. Hood
Cloud Corridor“Cloud Corridor”
From: King Creek Ridge & Mt. Hood
Barrier Lake from West Baldy“Barrier Lake from West Baldy”
From: Mount Baldy
Pyramid Mountain“Pyramid Mountain”
From: Mount Greenock